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Panasonic AV-HS400 Vision Mixer

The Panasonic HS400 (AV-HS400AN) Vision Mixer is a powerful and compact multi-format vision mixer with multi-view display. Light and portable, the Panasonic AV- HS400AN can support up to 8 SDI inputs and 8 SDI outputs. Analogue component and DVI Inputs are supported with option boards. Outputs can be configured to your choice, including 3 choices of multi- view display, PGM, PVW and 3 AUXs.

  • HD or SD
  • Each input has a 10 bit frame synchronizer enabling asynchronous video signal inputs
  • Built-in UP converter on option board capable to mix HD and SD video signals Multi-View Display of PGM, PVW and input video on only one monitor to reduce total system cost
  • Selectable split numbers (four, eight or ten) and selectable video image for each split area
  • Still image file transfer by SD memory card
  • Versatile Video Effects (Wipes, DVE, Keys, Chroma Key, DSK, P in P) 8-tally outputs and RS422 interface
???????????????????Comes as standard with 4 SDI inputs and 4 SDI outputs. Option boards available.

Day rate: £100.00

Week rate: £400.00

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