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JVC DT-V20L3D 20" HD SDI LCD Monitor

The JVC DT-V20L3D is a professional 20" HD (1680 x 945) LCD Studio Monitor. It has a 16:10 pixel array (1680 x 1050) providing 1680 x 105 pixel area for UMD (Under monitor data display). 
New improvements have been made to this monitor so it now features waveform monitor screen and the latency has now been reduced to less than a frame.
The JVC DT-V20L3D is ideal for editing, production and display of broadcast standard HD content and has faithful colour production from all different directions.

Additional Features:
  • Metal rear cabinet provides excellent radiation performance and rugged durability 
  • Compact square, all-in-one design. Dual-role stand included 
  • Front rotary digital controls with analogue look & feel 
  • Time code on/off function 
  • VESA 100 mounting holes. Built-in protection of rear connections
  • Rack-mount kit available

Day rate: £40.00

Week rate: £120.00

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