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Trickbox facilitates broadcast coverage of UK General Election 2019 for TV2 Denmark

17th December 2019

During the UK’s general election, Trickbox facilitated broadcast coverage and connectivity for the Danish TV channel's news items.

TV2 Denmark chose Trickbox TV to provide facilities and connectivity for both studio facilities and outside broadcast facilities for the UK General Election in December 2019. In its unique position, Trickbox’s broadcast studio offers views over the City of London, Tower Bridge, and City Hall. Additional OB facilities located directly next to Tower Bridge were also provided.
Studio facilities included production space for the Danish production team, plus makeup rooms for the talent. Trickbox provided a dedicated IP link back to TV2’s Denmark MCR, transmitting all individual camera signals, mics, and comms, so the production could be remotely produced in Denmark. Further connectivity included a point-to-point IP link between the studio and the OB on Potters Fields.
TV2’s Production Manager and International Coordinator Charlotte Lech-Gade, commented: “Everything was perfect”. Which Liam Laminman, Trickbox TV Managing Director corroborated, “TV2 were a pleasure to work with and Trickbox looks forward to hosting similar broadcasts for international guests in the future”.