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Want a live interactive broadcast from a central London HD TV studio? Then you've come to the right place...

Digital media has enabled brands to significantly increase their marketing output whilst capturing all-important data about their customers' likes and dislikes. Webinars have played a key role in this fully-integrated marketing approach, but the word webinar still invokes a slightly staid one-way event that lacks brand/customer interaction. Until now. With Trickbox TV's new live streaming webcasting platform TrickboxLive, businesses in any sector can turn viewers into participants creating high levels of audience engagement. Trickbox Live Interactive Broadcast


Trickbox Live Interactive Broadcast

What is TrickboxLive?

TrickboxLive is a managed hybrid event service that provides professional live streaming of high-quality strategic panel discussions from Trickbox TV's central London HD TV Studios,Tower Bridge TV Studios. The audience can include both online pre-registered participants and a live studio audience from the business community. The panel of industry experts discuss key issues moderated by a professional broadcast presenter or presenter chosen by the client, who maintains a fast paced and engaging conversation - akin to a talk show - between both the panellists and the audience who watch and participate via their mobile or desktop.

How does it work?

Participants use TrickboxLive's sophisticated video and audio webcasting system to vote in polls, submit questions and interact via social media channels. As well as delivering a lively interactive debate with broadcast quality streaming, the corporation also captures advanced data analytics and programmatic and rich media advertising. The format represents an exciting growth area for companies that operate across business sectors including banking, insurance and technology. It enables marketeers and strategic event organisations to attract strong sponsorship revenues.

Trickbox Live Interactive Webinar With Social Integration


Trickbox Live Interactive Webinar

What facilities can I expect for my live streaming corporate event?

TrickboxLive provides the technical infrastructure and customised online experience to ensure your event's success. Trickbox TV has years of experience working in the media and entertainment industry providing professional equipment and services for studio and location multi-camera productions for broadcast, video production, webcasting and live events. Our fully equipped multi-camera HD television Tower Bridge TV Studios situated on the banks of the River Thames in London, provides an ideal location for corporate productions and live webcasts with a central London backdrop, as well as high-quality HD production services.


- User registration (with email invites/reminders)
- Hybrid event capability with both online and live studio audience
- User restriction - if required i.e. only users with log-ins can access the webcast platform
- Viewer/user metrics and tracking
- Live comments/discussion/questions
- Live social media interaction
- On-demand video archiving

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