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Quick turnaround for financial webcast

Trickbox TV and financial PR consultants MRM have teamed up for a series of financial debate videos.
The panel discussion series is scheduled to address the hot topics in the financial services industry, with 6-12 broadcasts a year covering areas such as ISAs, retirement and personal investment. MRM was keen to give the broadcasts, used on its My Financial Service (MyFS) web initiative, a professional feel.
Liam Laminman, Managing Director of Trickbox TV, explains, “MRM came to us with this great idea for the MyFS portal, and asked us how we could work with the concept to deliver a professional, television-standard broadcast. They were very clear that they didn’t want the look and feel of a traditional corporate webcast. With this remit we could demonstrate the full breadth of our expertise, advising on such areas as format, set, presenters, script and graphics – not to mention guaranteeing a broadcast spec product at the end of it. The whole thing has taken a lot of planning but we are delighted with the end result.”
Trickbox TV provided a full production service, from pre-production through to post production and edit. With Trickbox TV’s Tower Bridge TV Studios being used for other projects, filming of the first discussion took place at London’s Hospital Club, with Trickbox TV supplying full multi-camera facilities including four cameras and a polecam.
Host for the discussions is Declan Curry, former business correspondent for BBC Breakfast. MRM senior consultant David Stewart, who took the lead in preparing the first event of the series, says, “Our intention was to raise the level of debate on important financial issues. We were delighted to work with Declan as he is such a well-known and respected figure in the financial services industry and, coupled with the professionalism of Trickbox TV, we had all the ingredients for a high quality, television standard production.”
David adds, “Credit also needs to be given for the incredibly fast turnaround of the project. With numerous journalists attending our first panel discussion it was important that we had video ready to support their coverage. Trickbox TV was able to deliver on that score – managing to go from shoot to final edit within 48 hours.
“I have used Trickbox TV in the past for promotional videos and have always been impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. On seeing the studio set-up for the first time it was clear that I could just sit back and let them do what they do best.”
The final edit from the initial discussion resulted in an hour-long video, plus a three minute highlights video. Similar events are planned for filming throughout the year.

“I have always been impressed with Trickbox TV's professionalism and attention to detail.”

David Stewart, Senior Consultant, MRM