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Studio Tech Spec

Facilities at a glance:

  • Multi-camera HD studio facility
  • Multi-format (SD/HD, PAL/NTSC)
  • Sound control room
  • Production Gallery control room
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Fully saturated lighting grid with dimmable control from the Gallery
  • In-house technical support
  • Green/meeting rooms available
  • Broadcast connectivity
  • Webcast services
  • Final Cut Pro / Adobe Premiere editing available
  • Floor to ceiling windows with built-in (but removable) neutral density (0.9 ND)
  • Neutral grey flooring
  • Audio foldback
  • LCD monitor for VT playback
  • 13A and 16A hard power
  • Acoustic control wall panels


Tower Bridge TV Studios provides a platform for delivery and acceptance of live HD video. There are a number of delivery options that can be provided:

  • Bi-directional BT Tower connectivity
  • LiveU (click here for LiveU portable field unit hire)
  • IP connectivity for webcasting and live video streaming
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • For regular clients there is the option of providing a private video link

Production Gallery and Sound Room:

  • Recently refurbished gallery with full HD multi-camera capability
  • Multi-format equipment
  • Separate sound control room to main production gallery
  • 5 operational positions in main production gallery
  • Controllable air-conditioning
  • Acoustic control wall panels
  • Intercom to all production areas and studio

Equipment List:


  • X3 HD camera chains with engineering
    control (racking)
  • 13 input vision mixer with built-in still store
    and keying
  • 40x40 video router with embedded audio
  • File-based video recorders / players
  • Vision monitoring to suit
  • Signal processing to suit
  • Additional equipment available on request



  • 48 channel digital audio mixer
  • 4 radio mics
  • 2 radio IEMs
  • 3 telephone balancing units (TBUs) with analogue telephone lines
  • Digital intercom system (wired and wireless)
  • Audio monitoring to suit
  • Additional equipment available on request

In addition

  • ViewCast web / streaming hardware encoders
  • Skype integration for low cost in-show
    video conferencing
  • FTP service

Production and additional Services:

  • Wi-Fi / internet access
  • Final Cut Pro 7 / Adobe Premiere edit suites with / without Editor
  • Network Attached Storage system with RAID protection
  • Transcode / encode facilities
  • Media training
  • Webcasting and streaming support and facilities
  • Webcast and stream hosting/bandwidth (CDN) facility
  • Webcast viewer registration system
  • Website / microsite development
  • End-to-end corporate video production service

Crew available:

  • Director
  • Vision Mixer
  • Producer
  • Technical Manager
  • Engineer
  • Vision Engineer
  • VT Operator
  • Sound Engineer
  • Sound Assistant
  • Camera Operator
  • Camera Assistant
  • Lighting Director
  • Lighting Electrician
  • Floor Manager
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Teleprompter Operator
  • Editor
  • Data Manager

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